Frequently asked Questions

General questions

What are you doing in general?

The main activity of the company is the complex delivery of devices and components from Europe.

Are you an official representative / dealer of the manufacturer?

We are not official agents and / or dealers, but since we have offices in 8 countries, this gives us the opportunity to communicate directly with the manufacturer and to deliver quality goods to you. We are negotiating partnership agreements with some manufacturers. Send an inquiry for any manufacturer's equipment that you are interested in - we will try to offer you the competitive price and delivery terms.

Processing applications

Why are you interested in what equipment the desired part is worth?

We need this information because this product is an OEM (Contract Manufacturing of Equipment under Your Brand) and is specially manufactured on behalf of the manufacturer of the equipment in which the product is built. We need more information to process this request. Please indicate in which machine / equipment this product is used. Please send a photo of the nameplate / label of this device.

Have you received my application? I sent it to the mail / messenger / left a request on the website. How soon will my request go live?

After receipt of the application, you will receive a confirmation with the assigned application number to the email address you provided within one day. If this is not the case - contact us in a convenient way, our managers will help you to deliver the confirmation of the start of work with your application.

We paid the invoice, was the order placed? Did you see the payment How can you monitor the progress of the order processing?

We take these issues very seriously. As soon as your money has been received in our bank account, we will immediately send information on how to place the order. Information on the progress of the processing of your order will be sent to you by post. You can check the status of your request on our website - or you can give us a call and the manager assigned to you will inform you of the status of your order.

Do you supply original equipment?

We work directly with manufacturers. Taking into account the fact that we process the request based on the item number - we can deliver exactly what you need!

Can you send us a technical description of the products we are interested in?

Yes of course. Make a request in the application and when submitting a commercial offer, we will send you a full technical description with drawings, so you can be sure that the products offered meet all your requirements and operating conditions.

Do you provide the specification / passport of the goods?

All necessary documents from the manufacturer are enclosed with the delivered product, if this type of product requires the existence of such. If there are specific documents that you need, let the manager know when you request them.

Commercial offers

Why does it take so long to process the application? Tell me how long to wait for an offer?

Our managers ask the manufacturers directly for all information about the devices you require. Making you a commercial offer depends on how quickly the manufacturer responds.

Can I find out the price and stock availability? Is this article / article available?

All devices listed in the catalog are supplied on request. Our managers ask the manufacturers directly for prices and delivery conditions.

What kind of discount did you give us at KP? Does the commercial offer include a discount for us as a trade organization?

We always set the optimal price for all devices delivered. All questions about discounts are only considered individually.

If you order a smaller quantity instead of a larger batch, can you save the price?

Unfortunately, the unit costs can increase as the quantity decreases due to transport costs and the pricing policy of the device manufacturer.

Delivery terms

Can you provide the exact weight and size parameters of the equipment?

Upon request, our managers will provide you with all the information you need about the product, which you can obtain directly from the manufacturer.