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Product UNIT PRICE Delivery Product link
GSBT-S100-180 $ 253.99 3 - 5 Weeks
P4R $ 142.51 6 - 8 Weeks
GSBT-S90-100 $ 200.96 3 - 5 Weeks
SH 90 180 V $ 129.94 5 - 7 Weeks
GSBT-S71-180 $ 178.97 13 - 15 Weeks
GSBT-K4-180-Z34 $ 321.13 13 - 15 Weeks
U5695101-12 $ 176.91 16 - 18 Weeks
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Temporiti Brakes

Temporiti Brakes

Pioneering braking and clutch solutions for industrial applications are available at Temporiti, where you can explore their line of products.

Italian company Temporiti is known for their exceptional expertise in creating top-of-the-line clutch and braking systems for industrial usage. 

Having specialized in braking and clutch systems for industrial usage since its founding in 1965, Temporiti has garnered over fifty years of experience in the field. Their unwavering emphasis on technological advancements, dependable products, and client satisfaction has solidified them as a dominant contender in the market, providing their worldwide patrons with effective and trustworthy solutions.

Temporiti s.r.l.


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Their extensive range of exceptional products encompasses electromagnetic brakes, pneumatic brakes and clutches, and electromagnetic clutches, that are crafted for diverse industrial applications, all featuring precision, durability, and outstanding performance.

Industrial machinery relies on brakes to ensure safety and control movement. To name a few types of brakes utilized in industrial settings:
a. Friction caused by electromagnetic force is harnessed in order to slow and halt movement in electromagnetic brakes. Three frequently used forms of these kinds of brakes are negative brakes, spring-applied brakes, and micro brakes.

Drum brakes, disc brakes, and caliper brakes all employ the use of compressed air to activate a pad or disc in order to decelerate or completely halt movement. 

Hydraulic brakes have a reputation for their smooth performance and outstanding stopping power as they utilize hydraulic fluid to transmit force from the brake lever or pedal to the braking mechanism.

In industrial braking applications, a selection of sensors is utilized to guarantee top-notch performance and safety. These sensors are crucial since they monitor a variety of parameters, including speed, temperature, and positioning.
a. Providing essential feedback to the control system, speed sensors are crucial components that measure the rotational speed of various mechanisms, including motors and shafts. As a result, the braking force can be adjusted appropriately, guaranteeing precise motion control in a seamless manner.

Position sensors have the task of detecting the position of an object or component, a task vital in ensuring a system operates. In monitoring brake applications, these sensors allow the alignment of discs and brake pads to be observed, enhancing brake functionality and efficiency.

Temperature of key elements in the braking system, like brake pads or discs, is tracked by temperature sensors. Maintaining optimal temperatures allows the braking system to last longer without overheating.

Electrical devices known as rectifiers are utilized in converting alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) in braking systems, most commonly supplying electromagnetic brakes and clutches with steady DC. Various types of rectifiers are typically implemented in industrial braking systems, such as:
a. Resulting in a pulsating DC output, half-wave rectifiers only permit half of the AC waveform to pass through. They might not offer a seamless DC supply for specific applications, however, they are reasonably basic and affordable.

Full-wave rectifiers are an efficient option for providing a consistent DC supply. By allowing both halves of the AC waveform to pass through, they produce a smoother and more stable DC output. 

Combining diodes to change AC to DC, bridge rectifiers are popular for handling larger current loads and being both efficient and dependable.

Spare parts and accessories are essential for keeping your belongings in orderPurchasing extra supplies can also be beneficial because you never know when something may malfunction or break. 

Temporiti's range of spare parts and accessories provides a sustainable and high-performance solution. Their brake and clutch systems integrate with various options such as mounting flanges, brake discs, and rectifiers.

Suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications, Temporiti offers braking and clutch solutions. These solutions can be used for several purposes including:

Temporiti's load handling designs for cranes, hoists, and conveyors provide an optimal solution for material handling safety and efficiency.

For automated systems and robotics in need of quick response and exact control, precision electromagnetic brakes and clutches are an optimal choice. These brakes and clutches are perfectly suited to the demands of such applications.

Wind turbines and solar tracking systems are among the many renewable energy devices that rely on Temporiti's braking solutions for dependable and secure operation.

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