Hidria centrifugal fans and axial fans

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Product UNIT PRICE Delivery Product link
R09R-3130HA-4M-3509 $ 193.43 6 - 8 Weeks
R09R-3330HA-4M-4259 (0309-4-1127) $ 229.19 8 - 10 Weeks
R13R-5030HP-4T2-7056 $ 636.42 3 - 5 Weeks
R11R-40LPS-4M-5150 $ 286.14 3 - 5 Weeks
5035OL5844 - R13R-6330HP-6T2-9083 $ 698.36 9 - 11 Weeks
R09R-3330HA-4M-4259 HIDRIA $ 229.19 5 - 7 Weeks
R13R-5630HA-6T2-7008 $ 578.11 13 - 15 Weeks
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Hidria Fans





Hidria is a Slovenian company that specializes in producing high-quality ventilation systems, including Centrifugal and Axial Fans. These fans are designed for use in various industrial applications, including cooling, ventilation, heating, and drying processes.

The Centrifugal Fans offered by Hidria are highly efficient, low-noise fans that are ideal for use in HVAC systems, industrial applications, and other settings that require powerful air movement. These fans are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the needs of different applications. Some of the key features of Hidria's Centrifugal Fans include high efficiency, low noise, robust construction, and easy maintenance.

Hidria's Axial Fans are another popular product line that the company offers. These fans are designed for use in applications where high airflow rates are required, such as cooling towers, air-cooled heat exchangers, and air handling units. Like the Centrifugal Fans, the Axial Fans are available in different sizes and configurations to meet the needs of various applications. Hidria's Axial Fans are known for their high efficiency, low noise, and durability.

In addition to Centrifugal and Axial Fans, Hidria also offers a range of spare parts for its products. These parts include impellers, motors, and other components that may need to be replaced over time. The spare parts offered by Hidria are designed to be compatible with the company's fans, ensuring that they will work seamlessly together.

Overall, Hidria is a trusted brand in the ventilation industry, known for producing high-quality Centrifugal and Axial Fans that are reliable, efficient, and easy to maintain. Whether you need a powerful fan for industrial applications or a quieter, more efficient fan for HVAC systems, Hidria has a product that will meet your needs.


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