Comatrol EVH-06/C3-24C-00-00 cartridge valve


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Product UNIT PRICE Delivery Product link
EVH 06/D5-00-00-00 $ 137.31 3 - 5 Weeks
CP 520-1-B-0-24D-S $ 488.32 23 - 25 Weeks
CP440-1-B-0-E-A-150-4.5-005 $ 299.06 13 - 15 Weeks
HFCV10-RT-V-E-5.5-00 $ 180.3 15 - 17 Weeks
EVK 06/C3-24A-C-00 $ 526.35 13 - 15 Weeks
CP630-1-B-0-2-D $ 299.91 17 - 19 Weeks
CP640-1-B-0-5-3-D $ 356.53 13 - 15 Weeks
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Manufacturer Comatrol
Part number EVH-06/C3-24C-00-00
Inner Code 4503735
Weight 0.66


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