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Comprehensive Solutions for Heating, Ventilation, and Plumbing Systems are what Taconova offers

For heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and plumbing systems, Taconova is the well-known brand that offers a varied selection of top-quality products and solutions. You can rely on their expertise in valve, system technology, pump technology, area heating systems, and hydronic balancing to provide the most advanced and dependable products.

Balancing a hydronic system can be a challenge, but it is essential for efficient operation. By adjusting the valves on each individual radiator, you can ensure that hot water is evenly distributed throughout the system, avoiding cold spots and wasteful overheating. A key part of the balancing process is measuring the flow rates of the water at each radiator and using this information to make precise adjustments. 
Providing the ideal solution for various applications, Taconova's high-quality balancing and measuring valves offer a comprehensive range suitable for optimizing the performance of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. With efficient energy distribution, these valves enable cost savings.

Systems that provide heating for designated spaces in a specific location are known as area heating systems.  Area heating systems are popular due to their ability to efficiently heat targeted areas without having to waste energy on unused spaces. 

Providing a comfortable and energy-efficient heating experience, Taconova specializes in area heating products that are tailor-made for underfloor heating. Yet, their versatility expands far beyond this heated flooring option and can seamlessly integrate into various applications. If you're looking to create a cozy environment in a residential or commercial setting, Taconova's heating systems are a perfect solution.

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Taconova temperature control valves

Employing state-of-the-art technology, Taconova's advanced solutions in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are highly evolved. These systems utilize connection-ready heat interface units, storage loading for fresh hot water, and solar energy stations to ensure efficient energy management. A sustainable approach is thereby provided.

Accessories and valves have become integral in their day to day lives. They serve to control the flow of fluids be it in their homes or industries. These are mainly designed to prevent leakages and within the market there exists a variety ranging from ball valves, gate valves, and globe valves among others. Inasmuch as the basic principles remain static across all types, the applications differ according to the industry. Valves can also be accompanied by accessories for optimum functionality. These include gaskets, actuators, and positioners.
Intricate valves by Taconova can effectively operate in a range of settings concerning plumbing, air conditioning, heating, and ventilation. You can rely on these top-tier, long-lasting products for maximum, consistent system productivity.

Technology Pump:

Pumps that use advanced technology are becoming more advanced themselves. Additionally, the technology is making pumps more reliable and easier to maintain.

Designed for a wide range of building technology applications, Taconova's pumps for high-efficiency circulation are the answer to ensuring efficient water circulation. Thanks to its optimal heating and cooling performance, both commercial and residential buildings can rely on them.

Various applications benefit from Taconova's range of comprehensive solutions for plumbing systems, air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and more. Their state-of-the-art and reliable solutions can be attributed to their expertise in pump technology, valves, system technology, hydronic balancing, and area heating systems.






Valves and accessories


Accessories and valves, typically crucial parts of mechanical systems, assist in controlling the flow, direction, and pressure of fluids like water and gas utilized in different applications.An enormous variety of accessories supplement industrial valves, such as valve positioners, limit switches, and solenoids to assist in automation and control processes. 

For an efficient temperature control system, numerous small supporters are necessary. Taconova's thermal mixing valves maintain a constant, non-scalding temperature at the outlet by decreasing high domestic hot water temperatures. Volume flows in HVAC systems are regulated by the NovaZone Ball and NovaZone Valve electric zone valves. For utmost efficiency, Taconova valves and accessories automatically vent heating systems through continuous venting and cleaning. Additional safety is ensured by multifunctional valves and accessories that monitor pressure in heating systems.

Valves for mixture are devices designed for controlling the output temperature generated from a water heater. These valves blend hot and cold water streams, thereby ensuring the water's temperature remains consistent and free of scalding or burns. If a water supply's temperature fluctuates excessively, a mixing valve will maintain a constant temperature whilst delivering the required volume of water. The valve mixes cold water from the heating supply line and hot water in the distribution line. This results in the desired outlet temperature. Mixing valves are important safety components for a variety of water-heating applications, including hospitals, schools, and domestic water systems.
Everywhere there is a need for constantly reliable mixing temperatures, Taconova's NovaMix valves find their use. These valves work independently and require no auxiliary energy, making them unique in their own way. Their purpose can be served in heating, solar, or sanitary areas, but remain of great quality.

Separator of air - remove unwanted gases and elements. It can differentiate between things like oxygen and nitrogen, keeping them apart. The air separator often finds use in machines like air conditioners and refrigerators. It is a useful tool in maintaining the purity and quality of air, and in turn, the environment and our health.
The TacoVent effectively eliminates undesired debris and air pollutants from heating systems, thanks to its dependable automatic features. By promoting efficiency, this system reduces operating costs and energy usage, which can be achieved through both horizontal and vertical installations for all radiator types. Taconova has an ideal solution catered to system venting and dirt removal.

Valve zones can be arranged in a variety of ways to regulate different temperature requirements in a building. These valves can either be operated manually or automatically, depending on the user’s preferences. With the use of a thermostat, automatic zone valves can sense temperature changes and adjust accordingly to maintain the desired temperature. Zone valves can be a convenient and cost-effective solution for providing customized comfort control in a building.
Drinking water systems, heating, solar energy and cooling systems can easily achieve automatic two-way or three-way control with NovaZone Valve motorized valves and NovaZone Ball motorized ball valves.

Pump technology


Technology for pumping is constantly advancing, with new developments being made regularly. With options ranging from traditional centrifugal pumps to newer positive displacement and axial flow models, industrial facilities have an array of choices for their pumping needs. Different applications and industries require varied pump technologies, from wastewater treatment to chemical processing to oil and gas production. The diversity of pump options available ensures that practically any facility can find an effective and efficient solution for their specific requirements.
In order to transfer heat within buildings, pump technology is necessary. These devices are responsible for transporting heating water to rooms that require warmth, and contribute significantly to creating a comfortable indoor environment. When used in combination with hydronic balancing, pumps can not only be chosen based on suitability but can also be adjusted to decrease operating costs while increasing energy efficiency. Many distinguished customers have already benefited from these dependable, top-notch products over a long period of time.

Pumps for the heating circuit
Divided into three categories are the heating circuit pumps. The first category is TacoFlow2, equipped with a synchronous motor that can be adjusted through three different settings, including proportional pressure, constant pressure, and min/max. The second category, the TacoFlow2 ADAPT, boasts a TacoAdapt function that modifies the pump rate to best suit the system's demands. For even more flexibility, the third category, the TacoFlow2 eLink, offers the ability to alter wireless pump settings via smart devices such as a tablet or mobile phone. This feature allows for increased precision and the ability to save and track chosen settings.

Pumps for circuits that provide heating and cooling
TacoFlow MAX pumps cater to a broad variety of heating and cooling needs, with a particular focus on commercial use. One of the latest additions is the TacoFlow3 MAX, which comes complete with a rotating selector to set preferred functions. For even more functionality, there is the TacoFlow3 MAX PRO. This upgraded option offers a range of extras, such as showing operational modes like energy output, current consumption, and flow rate, right on the screen.

Solar thermal systems require circulation pumps that help to circulate hot water throughout the system for optimal efficiency. Without these pumps, the water would become stagnant and lose heat, resulting in a less effective system.The job of the circulation pumps is to move the water in a continuous loop, ensuring that it stays in motion and maintains its heat transfer capabilities. Overall, the circulation pumps play a critical role in ensuring that a solar thermal system operates at optimal levels and delivers the desired results.
For heat generation in solar thermal systems, TacoFlow2 SOLAR circulation pumps are utilized to harness solar energy. This allows for fewer fossil fuels to be needed, which is always positive for the environment and our planet.

Potable water systems often require DHW circulation pumps, which help to maintain a consistent supply of hot water throughout a building or home. The TacoFlow2 PURE DHW circulation pumps guarantee the constant availability of clean hot water for domestic use. Water sitting stagnant facilitates the growth of legionella bacteria, but DHW circulation solves this issue. This beneficial technique also reduces water wastage, ensuring that hot water promptly flows when needed, while also elevating user satisfaction.

Hydronic balancing


Balancing hydronics is a crucial aspect when it comes to maintaining optimum performance in your HVAC system. Without this, some of the radiators or rooms may not receive adequate airflow, causing an uncomfortable environment. Balancing hydronics ensures that each room receives the right amount of heat that corresponds to its size. It involves adjusting the radiator valves to meet the heat requirement of each room. A professional HVAC technician should carry out this process for you. It may involve draining the system, adjusting radiator valves, setting the system pressure right, and correct installation of the manifold. Overall, balancing hydronics is critical to improving your system's longevity, minimizing energy consumption, reducing the number of breakdowns, and creating a comfortable environment for you.

Along the paths of hydraulic heating and cooling systems, the transportation of energy involves varying lengths of piping. Resistance present by factors such as valve placement, pipe curves, and heat exchangers, as well as surface roughness, are hindrances to the flow’s cross-sections. The distribution of energy in buildings is crucial to suitably accommodate the needs of all sections, rooms and consumers. An equilibrium must be established to prevent overconsumption and noise pollution by pipes and valves. Appreciable outcomes of hydronically balanced flow systems include pleasant room temperatures and notably improved energy efficiency. These results are both perceptible and measurable.

Area heating systems


Heating systems for specific spaces can be quite handy at times. By focusing only on a particular area, it is possible to avoid wasting energy and money on heating spaces that aren't in use. Some common examples of such heating systems include space heaters and radiant heaters. 

Individual room heating targeting is crucial in boosting comfort, slashing energy usage, and facilitating cost-effective operation of heating systems. Optimal energy distribution mechanisms are key to achieving this objective. Accordingly, the primary volume flows are hydraulically balanced and allocated to different building segments at the cellar or service room's primary manifold. In addition to this, proper circulation is needed on each floor to ensure optimal room and heating circuit temperature control. Reliable and smart area heating distributors handle this task meticulously. The process involves further hydraulic balancing directly on the manifold bar and accurate electronic valve control through the OPEN/CLOSE principle, leveraging room thermostats. The valve opening and closing are meticulously regulated based on the heating requirements. Taconova has several comprehensive products optimally matched and combinable in various ways.

Systems for heating underneath the floor
Fitted with innovative technology, robust stainless steel manifold bars are the solution for providing energy where it is required at an economical and dependable level. For the High End version of TacoSys, the TopMeter is utilized for superior hydraulic balancing. With the NovaStat room thermostats, the most recent TacoDrive actuator is preinstalled and can be conveniently combined in the Pro Version of TacoSys.

Heating circuit manifolds can benefit from balancing valves placed underneath the floor. These valves help regulate and equalize the flow of hot water throughout the system, ensuring even heat distribution in all rooms. This way, rooms closer to the heat source don't become overheated while those further away remain chilly. Balancing valves, strategically placed, are an easy solution to ensure maximum comfort in all areas. 

On the supply or return bar, the TopMeter is preferred for regulating manifold systems. Directly controlling, indicating and shutting off the flow rate through HVAC energy circuits is made simple. The TopMeter Plus, the latest balancing valve, is able to replicate the most recent hydraulic balancing settings.

From Taconova, the valve actuators and room thermostats cleverly manage energy distribution to panel heating and cooling systems in response to dynamic needs. Offering solutions for every price and performance range, their comprehensive product selection satisfies any customer.

Wiring modules and room thermostats can be utilized to regulate the temperature within a space. Therefore, take advantage of them and enjoy a comfortable living environment no matter the weather outside.
The perfect solution for every need is provided by Taconova through their range of valve actuators and room thermostats, which efficiently automate the distribution of energy for panel heating and cooling systems. Covering every price and performance bracket, this broad product range is suitable for every requirement.


Essential in making sure that hot water reaches its destination at the correct pace and that the same applies for cold water, balancing valves play a vital role. A significant upside is the evident reduction of stress placed on the system as a whole. In addition, it can prevent a myriad of issues ranging from uneven heating/cooling to scale precipitation. Overall, the optimization of fluid flow can leave the entire network a lot more reliable and efficient.
In heating, cooling, solar energy, and saline water systems, the TacoSetter and TopMeter models ensure the desired flow rates. These balancing valves allow for easy visual confirmation of flow volume, except for the TacoSetter Tronic, which utilizes electronic flow rate measurement.

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