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Perma Lubrication

Perma Lubrication Systems

Perma is a German brand that specializes in manufacturing and supplying automatic lubrication systems for various industrial applications. The company has been in business for over 50 years and has established itself as a reliable and innovative provider of lubrication solutions.

Perma's lubrication systems are designed to ensure optimal performance and reduce maintenance costs for a wide range of industrial applications, including:

  1. Manufacturing and assembly lines: Perma's automatic lubrication systems are ideal for use in manufacturing and assembly lines, where continuous lubrication is required to ensure smooth operation and reduce downtime.

  2. Food and beverage industry: Perma's lubrication systems are designed to meet the stringent requirements of the food and beverage industry, ensuring that equipment is properly lubricated without risking contamination.

  3. Mining and construction: Perma's lubrication systems are also suitable for use in harsh environments such as mining and construction sites, where heavy machinery requires constant lubrication to maintain optimal performance.

  4. Transportation industry: Perma's automatic lubrication systems are widely used in the transportation industry, including railways, trucks, and buses, to ensure smooth operation and minimize maintenance costs.

Perma offers a wide range of automatic lubrication systems, including:

  1. Perma Classic: A single-point lubrication system suitable for small and medium-sized machines and equipment.

  2. Perma Futura: A versatile lubrication system that can be used for multiple lubrication points and has a wide range of settings to meet different lubrication needs.

  3. Perma Star Vario: A programmable lubrication system that can be used for up to 12 lubrication points and can be customized to meet specific lubrication requirements.

  4. Perma Eco: A cost-effective and environmentally friendly lubrication system that uses rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones.

In addition to its lubrication systems, Perma also offers a wide range of accessories and spare parts, including lubrication points, fittings, hoses, and connectors.

Overall, Perma is a reliable and innovative provider of automatic lubrication solutions for various industrial applications. With its high-quality products and extensive experience in the field, Perma is a trusted partner for companies looking to optimize their equipment performance and reduce maintenance costs.